After posing the baseball uniform query in my last post, I was pleased to discover my inbox flooded with responses! Thanks to Ed and SteveR for their continued interest in the “blog.”

Now, the answer. As one can clearly see in the above photograph, Tim Hudson of the Atlanta Braves is wearing his uniform pants correctly (although he could afford to blouse his pants more around the knee). He is also wearing a fetching pair of striped stirrups. Both of these features are entirely appropriate, especially considering the fact that the photograph shows the player wearing a “throwback” uniform commemorating the Atlanta club’s past history as the Boston/Milwaukee Braves. However, like the photograph on the left in my last post, Hudson has failed to wear the stirrup socks high enough to be truly historically accurate. It is because of this oversight that the overall look of the uniform falls short of aesthetic perfection. What Hudson (and the Tampa Bay Rays player on the left in my last post) should have done is show us more of the white sanitary socks beneath the stirrups. Only then would they be wearing their uniforms correctly. The Oakland Athletics player on the right of my last post shows us how it’s done. See how much of the yellow sanitary socks beneath the green stirrups are showing? Perfect.

Is all of this sock-obsession a bit much? I would argue not. Baseball is, after all, a game of inches. In a future post (i.e. the next one), I will illustrate how modern-day players have egregiously moved away from the aesthetics of the past, making the game less enjoyable for sartorial traditionalists such as myself.